Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ron Paul says there will be a day of reckoning

Yeah, and that's what I've been saying, man. A day of reckoning. 'Big time.' The day we all go back to caves and huts. You see, central banks can't print money forever. That's obvious. And Greece? Greece can't pay back no money, can it? It ain't got no money! Why should the Greeks become slaves ... just because some nutty creditors want their money back? 'They shouldn't have lent the money to Greece in the first place, boss. They only have themselves to blame.' Yes, Voice.

[Oh, dear reader(s), I'm feeling a bit messed up. The hottest day for ten years and I've ... got a cold, flu, I think. Can you believe that? So, I'm a bit out of it. I probably won't make much sense today. 'Shame, Mikey. How will it affect No. 327?' No. 327, the hot tornado? Man, I'm just going to give it my best shot, you know? If it turns out a right mess, so what? You live and learn. I doubt anyone will notice, anyway.]

An evil day of reckoning. Ha! The people with NOTHING to lose will lose ... NOTHING! Bring it on!

And Ron Paul agrees with me about America! All that debt! Why are we worried about Greece? It's America that is in trouble. 'And Great Britain, boss.' Yes, over here, too. George Osborne is going to have his "emergency" budget next week. That should be good for a laugh. 'Ha!' Cut the taxes of the rich? Cut the benefits of the poor? Why not? It's only a game. It's not real life.

The real life will come later, after the Mad Max years. Oh, I'll tell you what's real, my friend(s): A cave, the sea, the sand, the sun, over and over. No stress. No bills. No debt. Yes, it can be that simple again. And it will be that simple again. We're going back to the way things were before the demons took control of the world.


Anything else? Not a lot. Music? I don't know. I'll put something on in a minute. / Have you seen Gangster No. 1, reader(s)? It's a good film. Well, on my train coming home from St Ives the other day there was a ticket inspector who looked just like Paul Bettany in that film. Needless to say, no one gave him any trouble ...