Thursday, 30 July 2015

Centrica is cutting 6,000 jobs

Yeah, the owner of British Gas, which has recently doubled its profits. 'Unbelievable!' Well, that's capitalism for you, Voice. One day you're a proud member of a "hard-working family", the next day you're a "shirker".

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn will change things. Not globally, obviously. However, he might be able to put up a fight in this country. He seems to be tougher than Ed Miliband. The media attacks him and he just shrugs his shoulders. 'That's what firm beliefs and a sense of morality do for you, boss.' Too right!

Ha! What do I believe in, dear reader(s)? 'Tell them!' Oh, I believe in the blues, man. I've got my two guitars, acoustic and electric. And I've got three chords and the truth. What else do I need?


Well, well ... / My "soft launch" of my "fresh start" is almost over. I think soft launches are a mistake though, don't you? If you don't fully commit from the very beginning ... you know what I mean? / Hopefully, the hard(?) launch will go okay on Sunday. It's all psychological. I've got to cut myself off from other possibilities, and activities, you dig? 'Easier said than done, Mikey.' Tell me about it, Voice! 'Okay ...' No, don't.

Later(s), crocodile(s).