Thursday, 23 July 2015

No finance! Going out! But guitar! And incantations!

Calm down, dear reader(s). There will be finance tomorrow, a couple of posts, but I'm going out today.

So, er ...

Music?! Guitar? I've been watching videos on YouTube of guitar wizards I've only vaguely heard of - guys like Eric Johnson and Steve Vai - who, er ... seem to be better than Jimi Hendrix, man! (From a technical point of view, anyway.) It's making me think that it might be a mug's game trying to become "the best". I might be better off just modelling myself on my two favourite guitarists, Eric Clapton and Angus Young. I can't compete with the wizards! / On a more positive note, my guitar playing has taken a massive leap up (or forward?) this week merely by using a Tony Robbins technique: those incantations I mentioned the other day. YES!!! If I get myself into a peak state before playing, I not only play better but I learn better as well. Thanks, Tony, mate!

Anything else? Politics? I've got to stop writing about politics, man, because I'm not some awful SQUARE(!!!), you dig? But ... I'll just say that I hope Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader of the Labour Party. Why? Well, I think it'll be nice if they oppose for a change. Yeah, I know I'm weird. A government and ... an opposition! Crazy!