Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Apollo Global Management is working with Ivy Investment Management now!

Well, well ... eh? / 'Bloody hell! Another merger, boss?' Well, I don't know about merger, Voice, but they're definitely working together. They're launching two new liquid alternative funds. 'Liquid? What liquid?' Don't ask me! Beer? I'm not an expert, man. 'Ha! Your readers probably know all about it. There's no need to worry.' I never worry, son. Life's too short. My philosophy is, let the reader have any crap he or she wants, I'll give it to them, they're intelligent enough to make sense out of it. 'Nice.' It's worked so far.

Oh, I'm glad to tell YOU(!) ... dear reader(s), that Bloomberg has got its act together for once. See if you can dig this (regarding Apollo CEO Leon Black) ... This person is connected to 362 board members in 13 different organizations across 20 different industries. Pretty impressive, I think. 'Er ... it still doesn't make a great deal of sense, boss.' Uh, maybe not. BUT(!) ... it's better than This person is connected to 0 board members in 0 different organizations across 0 different industries which is what Bloomberg has been saying lately about practically everyone else in the world of finance.


Music? I'm listening to John Coltrane this morning, A Love Supreme. Why? 'Yeah, why?' Because that cat is/was inspirational, man. I mean, he used to play his saxophone all day long, every day! And this isn't like some pop star nutjob saying Oh, I play my guitar all day long, man  ... when we all know that they're really hanging out with groupies or ... Christ, getting yet another tattoo done or something, you dig? NO! Coltrane played his saxophone all day long ... EVERY DAY!!! The man was dedicated. 'Big time!' You said it!


Er ... this is interesting, maybe. / Reader(s), one more thing, a blast from the past ...

1) Why didn't Apollo trust in Big Herb?
2) Why weren't the ghosts of the dead financiers involved from the very beginning?
3) Why hasn't Apollo burnt any money in the desert?
4) Why has Apollo hired Gary Stein as head of investor relations when he don't know shit about the new creed of mystical capitalism?
5) Apollo Creed. Wasn't he a character in a couple of the Rocky films?

Ah, those were the days! 'You're so sentimental, Mikey.' I know! /// ... / ... / ... /// Let's have some B.B. King! 'Live at The Regal - ?' "I gave you seven children, and now you want to give them back ..." 'Me?!' No, not you ... / Never mind!