Thursday, 16 July 2015

Invesco's Stuart Edwards says we're going to have a volatile summer

Er ... well, the summer is almost over, son. 'I think he means the next six weeks, boss. Our Stuart is expecting some serious trouble soon. I mean, we already have riots in Greece, man.' Voice, we always have riots in Greece. What about over here? 'In England? Anything is possible. Our Mr Edwards probably has contacts.' Contacts?! No, he's just trying to scare everyone. / Listen, dear reader(s), I'm sure we won't have a volatile summer. Do you know why? Because I haven't given the order yet, and I'm not going to - not in the next six weeks. Now is not the right time, you dig?

So ... let's have no more talk of revolution. Our Stuart is just one of these hysterical hotheads, one of these anarchist troublemakers. / I've been looking at his LinkedIn profile. So much for contacts, Voice! The guy only has three! 'Oh dear.' Yes, oh dear. He's not exactly the most popular fund manager in the world. 'Maybe you can do something to help ...' Like what? 'Well, maybe you should get him all DIZZY(!), you know, after lunch.' Christ! I may do more harm than good. With his temperament? It's too risky, man. 'Oh, come on. Just give it a go.' I'll think about it, Voice.

Oh, by the way, for those of YOU(!) who get sexually aroused by all the boring details ... I can inform you that Stuart Edwards manages the Invesco Perpetual Global Bond and the Invesco Global Bond funds. He's been with Invesco since 2003 and has been a fund manager since 2010. He started his career as an economist at Standard and Poor's. And you might be glad to hear that he's not one of these awful Oxbridge pricks. He was educated at the University of Surrey and the University of London. A decent sort, really.


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