Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Stephanie Flanders wants me to hold her tight

Well, all right, love, if you insist, but, please, get rid of that awful necklace, yeah? I've told you enough times, babe!

Oh, I'm really not in the best of moods this morning, dear reader(s), so let's keep finance out of it, yeah? I got the blues. / I was only joking about our Steph. Go and read the Fundweb article. She's saying we've all got to hold tight because there's going to be more volatility. 'Ha! Some things never change, boss.' Tell me about it!

Well, well ... / I got the blues, man. A blues book actually (with CD). There are two hundred or so riffs. You've got to learn them all, string them together, improvise a bit, add some of your own, and before you know where you are you're playing classic blues-rock like Eric Clapton and Angus Young. Easy!

My fresh start? I'm still at the "soft launch" stage, but from Sunday there's going to be twenty weeks till Christmas. That's when it gets hardcore. Believe!

I'm still doing the incantations. 'Yeah?' Yeah, big time. Well, really one incantation I've personalized from a Robbins one. It's going a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND in my head, 24/7, you dig? 'Oh no!' Hey, I'm not complaining, Voice. It's how you make progress.

'Er ... lunch?!' Lunch! Oh, I don't know. I'm barely awake. Give me a chance. I've got other problems, man. 'Egg? Luxury egg sandwich, Mikey?' Luxury egg sounds lovely, man. You buying? 'No.' Do one then!

Laters, reader(s). I'll be all right tomorrow.