Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dreihaus Capital Management and VAM Funds!!!

Right, where to start? Another goddamn merger! 'Another goddamn merger?!' You heard me, Voice. Well, they're launching a global long/short equity fund together, anyway. Dreihaus Capital in Chicago, USA, and VAM Funds in, er, Luxembourg - ?!?! 'Christ, boss! How on earth did they ever meet? Chicago is a long way from Luxembourg!' Yeah, I know. Sweet home Chicago in the land of California. 'Eh?' Robert Johnson, man. Don't worry about it. [Great guitarist, singer/songwriter, dear reader(s). Didn't know shit about geography, unfortunately. 'It didn't hold him back, Mikey.' No. 'Oh, I like it in here.' Shut up!] Well, er ...

Driehaus Capital Management!!! ... is a privately-held investment management firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1982, the firm manages global, emerging markets, U.S. growth equity and alternative investment strategies. The firm has a diverse institutional client base comprised of corporate and public pensions, endowments, foundations, sub-advisory, family offices, wealth managers and financial advisors, globally. Driehaus is a performance-oriented investment management boutique that emphasizes integrity, transparency, and the alignment of the firm's interests with its clients. One more thing, they all live together, the staff, in a big old house like something out of the Addams Family.

VAM Funds!!! ... is a specialist investment firm that uses its experience, expertise and flair [Flair?! I love these guys!] to access some of the industry’s most talented global fund managers on behalf of its clients. VAM's business has been built on a continuing pursuit of fund management excellence, combined with a first-class service to its clients.

So, there we have it. Two firms, one new fund. It's the way finance is going, reader(s). Firms are either working with each other to SURVIVE!!! or they're going the Aviva Investors, Cantab, Neptune route: Oh, the sun is shining! We ain't working for no fascist slave drivers today, man. Let's get out of here! The park, or the pub. Where's the Lego?


Okay, okay. That's enough. I'm still struggling, fighting negative moods, you dig? I'll go for a spin after lunch, No. 335. Maybe it will make me feel ... a bit better.

Music? I ain't got nothing on yet. / Guitar? I put some new strings on my FG730S the other day, but I'm scared of wearing them out now before I try to record my songs again. So ... I'm playing an old crappy acoustic. 'What about your Telecaster, Mikey?' I could play that, Voice. It means setting the amp up though, and it's noisy. 'You haven't had any complaints, have you?' No, the neighbours are noisy bastards themselves, always screaming in the street like sick fucking idiots. What's the matter with them?!