Thursday, 2 July 2015

That's it!

Enough already! The end of another week. Thank God! No more finance ... until next week. / Christ, I'm still in the holiday mood, you know. Yeah, big time. Maybe I should apply for a job at Aviva Investors. I could do their PR. (When I'm not in the pub or the park.) I reckon I'd be good at that.

Pub? Tomorrow? Down by the river? With Cromwell's ghost? It's possible. I went to the pub four times last week in St Ives and didn't get one migraine. (Except for the migraine I had after the night train. No sleep!) I went to the Union Inn at night though, instead of lunchtime. Maybe that's the secret.


Oh, I forgot! Talking about PR. Some PR guy sent me the news (in an email) of some banker leaving one bank only to join another bank. I got a picture as well! But I didn't get around to writing about it. Never mind, eh?

The problem is, it's just not very exciting. If the banker had've left to join a religious cult or a rock band ... you get me?

If you're sending me stuff, THINK(!): Is a cat like Mikey going to be interested?

Anyway, laters.