Thursday, 16 July 2015

NO MORE FINANCE!!! ... (Until next week ... uh, Christ!)

Oh yeah, I'll be back next week, for my sins. Of course I will. I can't leave it alone - for reasons best known to ... SATAN!!! 'Satan, Mikey?!' No, only joking, Voice. Don't get upset.

Pub tomorrow? As long as I haven't got a migraine. Oh, down by the river, in the summer sun. A couple of Stellas and some chips. Or crisps. (The chips are triple-cooked, you know. They don't mess around.) I might even catch a glimpse of Oliver Cromwell's ghost.

I hope you have a nice weekend, reader(s). Are you working tomorrow? Not if you're one of the Aviva Investors mob. 'Ha!' You're probably in the pub already ...

I might try recording my songs on Sunday. Depends on the weather. I can't do it when it's hot. (The windows shut, no fan ... horrible!) / I'm still frustrated that I've had a classic pop song written and recorded for three years now, but nothing else to go with it. [I don't want to be a one-hit wonder ... like, er, who(m?)ever!] You're Lying and My Heart are hard to record though. Or maybe there's something wrong with me ...

At least I keep playing my guitar. You gotta keep playing, you dig? 'Oh, it's your guitar, Mikey. That's the problem.' FG730S?! I'm not blaming my tools, man.

Anyway, laters, yeah?