Monday, 27 July 2015

Ares Kayne Management?!

What?! Another merger?! What the hell is going on, man? Why is everyone merging? 'They're scared, boss. It's a cold world out there. Safety in numbers.' Safety in numbers? The ONE, and the TWO, and then the THREE. Oh, a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND. Yes, I can relate to that. BUT(!) ... will we ever get beyond?

NOW(!) isn't the time, so ... let's focus on Ares Kayne Management. It doesn't exist yet. We'll have to wait until the end of the year. At the moment we have two separate firms, Ares Management and Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors.

THINGS ON OUR MIND: OPTIMIZING ALLOCATIONS AND RISK ADJUSTED RETURNS IN TODAY'S LOW INTEREST RATE ENVIRONMENT - GROWTH OF NON-BANK CORPORATE AND REAL ESTATE LENDING - OPTIMIZING CAPITAL STRUCTURE SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESSES TO UNLOCK VALUE AND DRIVE GROWTH - GLOBAL REAL ESTATE EQUITY OPPORTUNITIES ... Christ!!! 'What's all that, boss?' Oh, Voice, you won't believe how difficult it was. 'What?' Catching those words, man, from the Ares Management website. They kept moving! 'Oh, a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, yeah?' Well, no. Maybe, sort of. Just ... a-LONG, and a-LONG, and a-LONG, you know? 'Bloody hell!' Yeah. It's my influence. But they could have asked me first. What a shock! 'What about the Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors website?' Er ... Niche focused. Alternative investing. Results driven. 'Not moving, then?' No, just sitting there on the screen. Comforting, in a way. 'Oh.' Yeah, it's pretty boring, after all the excitement with Ares.

Different cultures, I suppose. Will these two firms be able to get on together? / What do I care? It's Monday morning, dear reader(s)!


Music? I'm listening to two new (old) AC/DC albums, Highway to Hell and Powerage. / Highway is pretty disappointing with weak songs. Only two classics, the title track and Shot Down in Flames. However, Powerage is great! Might be their best album, although it doesn't have any "hits" on it, strangely. My favourite track is Up to My Neck in You. Awesome guitar playing!

Er ... guitar? My guitar? Well, I was rockin' in the free world yesterday with my Telecaster, standing up. (It's more difficult standing up, man.) I almost managed Sunshine of Your Love ... bar chords, single notes, double-stops. Oh, it ain't easy! / But improvising with single notes went like a dream. I might have another go later, after my sandwich ...