Monday, 20 July 2015

VMG Partners closes its third fund with only $500 million!

Oh, Jesus! Not another one! What a crazy world we're living in, dear reader(s), eh?! Why didn't VMG Partners want $1 billion for its third fund? Why settle for only $500 million? 'Some people have got no ambition, boss. If only they would read that Tony Robbins book you keep going on about, Awaken the Giant Within.' Voice, oh man, if they had've read that book, they wouldn't have stopped at $10 billion, even! I mean, the sky's the limit once you've conditioned yourself to have new goals and to be all you can be, you dig? 'I know.' And this is a Californian company we're talking about, son. San Francisco and Los Angeles! Why have they got such a negative attitude? I really can't understand it. 'Bizarre!' It's crazy!!!

Well, well ... / Er ... VMG Partners? Let me tell you, dear reader(s), VMG Partners is an investor in branded consumer products companies in the lower middle market. Since its inception in 2005, VMG has partnered closely with founders and management teams and provided financial resources and strategic guidance to drive growth and value creation. VMG's defined set of target industries includes food, beverage, wellness, pet and household products, personal care, and lifestyle brands. 'Brilliant!' Yeah, and there's more: VMG stands for ... Velocity Made Good. 'Er ... what the fuck does that mean, boss?' Well, I suppose Mickey Mauze and the rest of the gang felt that velocity, I mean, going fast, was bad, yeah? But, er ... they've made it a good thing. 'How? How have they done that?' Ha, you're asking the wrong person. That's something you're going to have to ask them, Voice. It could just be a load of bullshit, I don't know.

It doesn't matter, my dear reader(s). Live and let live, eh? We all have our problems. We shouldn't judge.


Music? I'm listening to The Beatles this morning, various tracks, and some McCartney from Wingspan like Maybe I'm Amazed - probably his best solo song.

My music? I'm making a fresh start today, believe it or not. I've been re-reading the Robbins book all weekend and I'm really motivated. Here's a good quote (which is apparently a paraphrase of Nietzsche): He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how.

Well, I certainly have a strong enough "why" and my "how" is hardcore, man. So, let's see what happens ...