Friday, 24 July 2015

Richard Black has left Legal & General Investment Management!

Well, well ... / Yes, fund manager Richard Black (£591 million UK equity income fund) is joining the AC/DC Rock or Bust tour. (I think they're playing in Poland this weekend.) Great news! 'What are you going on about, Mikey?' Voice, our Richard is back in black, man! He's been reading my blog, yeah? He knows rock and roll is where it's at. And he knows that finance is dead now. He's got loads of money, nine lives, cat's eyes, and he doesn't really need to work no more, so ... he's going to be a roadie, as a sort of hobby. I suppose he'll just be hanging out with the band, making the tea and stuff. 'Are you serious?!' Oh, don't take my word for it. Listen to Lance Phillips, head of active equity at LGIM, speaking RIGHT NOW(!) in my head, just like you: "We were hoping Richard would stay on for a while to ensure a seamless handover of responsibilities to Andrew Koch, interim manager of the fund. Unfortunately, Richie has to be in Warsaw for tomorrow night because he's going to roll to the guitar bite." You see? 'Fucking hell! It's true!' Of course it is!

Ha! 'Ha!' Ha! / Dear reader(s), this is going to happen more and more. 'Really! Believe him!' Believe me, please. I predict that a couple of years from now finance firms will struggle to find any managers at all for their funds. It's a change of culture. People are sick of working like dogs. Hundred-hour weeks?! Why?! Why would you do that? 'Madness!' GET OUT!!! GET OUT AND SAVE YOURSELF!!!


Anything else? Er ... I've got an egg sandwich, a luxury one. I'll be taking Mr Black for a spin later.

Politics?! Political news? Well, there is an endless stream of anti-Corbyn articles coming out of the Guardian at the moment. 'Jesus!' Oh, there is no democracy in Great Britain. If you don't vote the way you're told, if you don't choose the leaders you are told to choose ... oh man, big trouble, yeah? Big trouble! YOU ARE NOT FREE!