Tuesday, 9 June 2015

HSBC is going to cut 8,000 jobs in the UK

Well, well ... / Apparently, it's all part of the economic recovery we've heard so much about. The country is doing so well now that these jobs just aren't needed any more. 'Are you sure, boss?' I'm pretty sure, Voice. The government has told me. The media has told me. Everything is hunky dory. I'd be a fool not to believe them.

HSBC, HSBC, HSBC ... er, when was the last - 'Christ! Why are you even writing about HSBC, man? Banks aren't "sexy", are they? Come on! Get a grip! There must be a hedge fund launching somewhere.' Shut up, Voice! This is big news! I've got to write about it, man. 8,000 jobs! People's lives! You understand? Most of them are going to be frontline staff from HSBC's branches. These poor "hardworking" sods will soon discover that the Tories consider them "scroungers". 'Well ...' It's a tragedy! 'I wonder who they voted for ...' Don't start that! The blame game. They weren't to know.

Everyone thinks ... Everything is hunky dory ... until it ain't. Human nature.


Oh, enough with misery! We've all got our problems. 'Big time, Mikey.' The world is getting worse, Voice, not better. There is no progress. What can we do about it? Pray that the sun shines?

While my guitar ... / Yes, George Harrison knew what he was singing about. Playing a weeping guitar won't make things better, but it may help us forget the misery. Do you play, reader(s)? / Man, I played for four hours yesterday. 'Really?' I just want to play all the time now. However, I can't. Other commitments. 'Shame.' I get anxiety when I'm not playing. 'Oh.' Even holding the guitar makes me feel good though. It's comforting, you dig?


[Don't worry. / I want to get the dirt out. YES! I want to fly in the sky, just like Noel Gallagher. I want to touch the fucking sun! MY FINGERS!!! Oh, I want my brain to be empty. I want my soul to be fresh, so clean! I want my heart to be full of love. I want my soul to be free. / I will escape! I will...]

Laters ...