Thursday, 18 June 2015


Is the Greece thing still going on? 'All that debt nonsense? Yes, afraid so.' Jesus H. Christ! Haven't they sorted it out yet? I can't believe these guys! ['Those guys.' Whatever.] And why haven't they called me? 'Er ... why would they call you, boss?' Because I might be able to do something. You know, come up with a solution. Well, maybe. 'Yeah, right. Stick to the guitar playing, Mikey. That's what you're good at.' Voice, I am the world's foremost financial shaman, remember? 'I haven't forgotten, son.'

Cheeky git! / Uh, I wouldn't want to help the Greeks, anyway. It's not my problem. It doesn't affect me ... in my dream world.

Guitar? 'Acoustic or electric?' I had a go on my Telecaster earlier, and I was playing a bit like Keith Richards. 'Electric. Yeah, I heard.' He's not the greatest guitarist ... he is pretty good though, and he has a nice way of mixing rhythm with small bursts of lead playing - which is what I was doing. I'm definitely making progress, man. I'm not a groovy cat like Keith yet, but it's only a matter of time. 'You -'

Oh, YOU(!) ... gotta keep believing!

Update Monday 22nd: I'm taking the week off, blog fans. Going to Cornwall. I'll see you next week (Tuesday, probably).