Monday, 8 June 2015

Daniel Martin and Rye Bay Capital?

Oh, you'll never guess, dear reader(s)! You'll never guess! 'Tell them, boss!' Well, my friend(s), Rye Bay Capital is a new London-based hedge fund which will be opening ... in the future. [Why not Catcher in the Rye Capital?] 'When?!' Er ... later on in the year, man - when Daniel can be bothered, I suppose. He's probably busy at the moment. 'Doing what, pray tell?' In the summer? I should imagine he's spending most of his time in the park eating ice cream, Voice. 'Oh. Ex-Aviva Investors, is he?' Maybe. Let me have a look. No! He used to be ... WELL, THIS IS STRANGE!!! THIS IS DAMN STRANGE!!! 'What, Mikey?!' A couple of "news" organizations say our Danny used to be a fund manager at Pelham Capital. 'Great!' However, his LinkedIn profile says he was merely a "senior analyst" at Pelham. 'It's a fake profile, man. Got to be.' No, I don't think so, Voice. The profile has over fifty connections. It looks genuine. 'What does this mean, then?' It means our Danny has been bigging himself up, telling anyone who will listen that he's a fund manager. 'Christ.' Yeah. But either he forgot about his LinkedIn profile or he just presumed no one in the media would do their research. 'Ha! He didn't count on you, boss. You and your utter professionalism. You're not one of these wankers who do it for a pay check. It's a passion with you, man.' Of course it is!

Hang on a minute! 'What?' Bloomberg have actually linked to his LinkedIn thing, yeah? 'So?' So, it's Bloomberg's fault! The morons can't read! 'Idiots!' It says quite clearly he was a senior analyst at Pelham, not a fund manager.


Obviously, reader(s), this is a Monday morning in summer. Glorious summer! None of the Daniel Martin/Catcher in the Rye stuff matters. / I think we better move on ...

Music? Ah, I'm listening to Live Cream, Vol. 1. Brilliant guitar playing by Eric Clapton! I think he peaked while in Cream. / Yesterday, I was reading a recent interview of his (online) where he said he practices once a day or every two days. In the Sixties, he would have been playing around the clock.

My guitar? I'm still doing roughly two and a half hours a day. The last sixteen months now. I'd like to do more. Gotta build those neural pathways, man!