Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hugh Little is leaving Aberdeen Asset Management to spend more time on the golf course

Oh, it's all right for some, ain't it? I wish I could leave blogging to spend more time on the golf course. 'You don't play golf, boss.' All right, spend more time playing my guitar, then, Voice. Rockin' in the free world! / Sweet baby Jesus and the Mary Chain ... I just can't believe the luck of this guy, our Hugh. 'It's not luck, Mikey. Mr Little has been working at Aberdeen Asset Management for twenty-eight years. He was the firm's ninth employee. The man is practically a legend! And he worked hard all those years just so he can take it easy now.' Ha! Am I supposed to be impressed? You think this Hugh is a clever guy? 'Yes.' Well, why didn't he join Aviva Investors, then? 'Oh.' Yes, Voice, Oh. What do they do at Aviva Investors, son? 'Not a lot.' Ha! I'll tell you ... they go to the pub, yeah? They go to the park, they pursue their hobbies, like photography (even when they're pissed up) and - this is important - they don't wait for retirement! [They've got real brains.] They're doing it now, right now, and getting paid a bloody fortune for it. 'It's the life of Riley, boss.' Tell me about it!

Anyway, your Hugh, Voice, is/was head of acquisitions at Aberdeen. 'Great!' Yeah. [I suppose it is great.] He was the one who took over Scottish Weirdos - and loads of others. 'Welsh weirdos?' No, I don't think he's ever been interested in Welsh weirdos.

Er ... what does Aberdeen chief executive Martin Gilbert say? 'He says: I believe in myself. I know that when the going gets tough, I have the strength to keep moving on. I learnt that in the desert. Never stop! Never look back! And - never, never, never, never, never fall down and roll around in the sand, crying your little eyes out until there are no rivers of tears left to cry.' What?! That's from my archive, you idiot! What does he say about Hugh Little? 'Oh, sorry, hang on, boss ... Hugh has played a significant role in Aberdeen's growth and success. Without his management skills, commitment and focus, many of the acquisitions which have helped us to grow would not have happened and Aberdeen would not be the financially strong diversified, global asset management company we are today.' Thank you, Voice!

For fuck's sake! You can't get the staff these days, dear reader(s).


Anything else? 'Politics?' NO!!!! I'm brainwashing myself with Live Cream, Vol. 1. / You see, I've been waking up in the morning with the riffs going through my head, man. 'Oh dear!' No, it's a good thing. It means that when I play the guitar now I can just try to copy the shit that's in my head, you dig?