Monday, 15 February 2016

Bryan White is leaving BlackRock

Ah, someone is always leaving somewhere, or joining ... / Yeah, leaving Blackrock's hedge fundy fund funds of fundy funds business, BlackRock Alternative Advisors - where he is one of the two heads, like a mythical monster, our Bryan. So? It's no big deal. Bryan wants to do something else with his life. He wants an exciting time. 'He wants to play bass in The Wurzels, boss?' Maybe, Voice, I don't know. You'll have to ask Bryan ...

Well, well ... / So ... Bryan. Bryan White. Mr Bryan White. Mr White. Who is he? What is he? How does he feel? / And ... Bloomberg? Can Bloomberg tell us anything about the man?

This person is connected to 0 Board Members in 0 different organizations across 0 different industries.

The useless bastards! 'Why do you bother with them, boss?!' Habit. I'm a glutton for punishment. Or there's a problem with my head.

Problem. Problem. Problem. / Christ! I'm stuck in the same routine, man, always going to Bloomberg for answers they won't supply, a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND ... 'You should do a conceptual on them.' Oh, I might. Actually, I will. Today!

Oh, LinkedIn? I've looked. Our Bryan ain't giving much away on his profile. 'Have you signed in?' I can't, Voice. I'm not a member any more. Do I miss it? No ... is the short answer. If I want to connect with people, I'll do it in a soulful way on the astral plane. 'What if they don't want to connect with you, man?' I'll do it while they're sleeping. Turn their dreams into nightmares. No one can stop me having my fun.


Anything else? The Bafta crap was on TV last night. I didn't watch it because Tom Hardy wasn't nominated for anything, so I can't take it seriously, you dig? As far as I'm concerned, his two performances (combined) in Legend are the best thing since De Niro in Raging Bull. Hardy is the best actor around at the moment. He could become one of the all-time greats.