Thursday, 25 February 2016

Janice Haddon's top tips on work-life balance

Yes, it's the Thursday afternoon PR email, back by popular demand. / There's a "work your proper hours" day going on tomorrow. 'What, boss?' Don't worry about it, Voice. I'll be in the pub, down by the river. No hours are my proper hours, man! 'Ha!'

Anyway, our Janice is mixed up with Morgan Redwood. 'Who?' It's a firm. 'A firm what?' Good question! / And Thrive in Life. 'What?' Shut up! Please! / These are Janice's tips -

1. Be fully present with the task/person at hand. Too much time thinking about other things is when thinking and decision making loses clarity and focus.

2. Develop communication and engagement skills. A lack of interest in people will cause relationship breakdown.

Oh, I don't give a shit about people. They always let you down. Always! Do it to them before they do it to you.

3. Write a 'to do list'. Holding it all in your head overloads the brain and depletes resources needed for clear thinking.

To do? Tomorrow? I wanna get loaded. I wanna have a good time.

4. Be organised and develop time management skills. Check emails at certain times. Dipping in and out of your inbox is distracting and increases work timescales.

5. Exercise. A brisk walk at lunchtime will raise endorphin levels, the body's natural happy hormones, and will help counter balance any stress chemicals.

Well, I stand up now when I play my guitar, so ...

6. Drink water and eat a healthy balanced diet. Caffeine and sugar provide an instant energy surge followed by a crash. Replace the chocolate bars and coffee with a handful of nuts and herbal or green tea. Everything in moderation is key!

Having a laugh, ain't ya? I live on chips, man.

7. Make time for family and friends, laughter and fun. Find hobbies and interests to help with switching off from the 'to do list'.

Yeah, right. Music is my life. However, I'll switch off from the bullshit of the world if you like. Permanently.

8. Rest and relaxation are essential for us to recharge. The body heals and regenerates when we sleep so make sure to get 7 to 8 hours in a night.

Jesus! I'm sorry, but I get five hours a night. I'm like Napoleon. I've got things to achieve. I ain't spending a third of my life in bed!

Well, well ... eh?