Thursday, 25 February 2016

Chris Justice? Janus Capital?

Ha! Some people like to say there's no justice in this world, but they're wrong, man. Chris Justice is in this world, with us, not floating off in the cosmos like a mystical freak with no solid foundation to his life.

Yes, Mr Justice, our Chris, has just been made chief operating officer and head of Europe at Janus Capital. He was in Hong Kong, doing something else ... 'Was he that dog in the filing cabinet at police headquarters, boss?' No, Voice, he wasn't. 'Oh.' He was head of strategic initiatives. But he's going to be based in London now with his new position. 'Does he have a place to live yet?' I don't know. Probably not. 'Well, you can put him up for a few weeks, can't you? In one of the spare rooms, like.' Er ... the spare rooms have got leaky roofs, man. 'Both of them?!' Yeah. 'What about downstairs, the back room?' That's full of junk. 'Christ!' Yeah. So I can't help him. And I hardly think our Chris wants to wake up in the middle of night, drenched to the skin with spiders crawling in his hair. 'Fuck that, Mikey!' Exactly.

No, Chris will probably move into a hotel for a few weeks, until he can rent a flat, or maybe even buy. It all depends on how long he's planning to stay in London. I know these characters like to move around the globe. Flash gits.

Oh, Bill Gross is at Janus Capital, ain't he? Remember this, reader(s)? - If Bill wants to work at Janus Capital now, fine. No problem! There are a lot of shamans and mystics there, a lot of oddballs. Bill will fit right in with his global growth pies and inflatable dragons. I wish him the best of luck. / No? Never mind.


Anything else? I watched the Brit Awards last night. I won't say anything else. My doctor has warned me about my blood pressure.