Monday, 8 February 2016

Ray Dalio? Greg Jensen? A feud - ?!?!

A feud? No, dear reader(s), you don't want to believe everything you read. There's no serious problem with Ray Dalio and Greg Jensen at Bridgewater Associates. They're great colleagues and the best of friends. It's all sensationalistic mischaracterization. That's what it is, man. I mean, if you've been reading shit in other unreliable places. Sure, Ray and Greg have arguments. Who doesn't? 'They're like us, boss.' Of course they are! 'They're cosmic twins, boss. Like us!' Well, yeah, I suppose.

What's this "feud" all about then? Oh, Christ! It's no big deal, you know? Both of these guys are shamans. (Ray didn't used to be. But he's come over to my way of thinking - and feeling.) Basically, Ray and Greg have taken an interest in getting a-ROUND. Yes, conceptual stuff. And Ray wants to spend all of his time now trying to get beyond the THREE, and he wants Greg to join him. 'Ha!' However, Greg thinks this is a mistake. He thinks it will harm the business. Greg wants to do it as something on the side, as a sort of hobby. 'Who's right and who's wrong, boss?' They both are, Voice. 'Eh?' Well, it all depends on what they want out of life. Personally, I think the attempt to get beyond the THREE is the greatest and most important thing any shaman can be involved in at the present time. It's the biggest challenge of the age. 'Oh, okay.' But business will suffer. Greg is worried they'll lose money, and he's right. So ... I don't know what to suggest.

Let's just forget about it!


Anything else? Oh, there's always something else, sweet reader(s) o' mine. Music? I've been listening to Guns N' Roses this morning. The most dangerous band in the world, by all accounts. / My music? I've changed my mind about writing long Dylan-style songs. So many of them are overblown. You can say just as much with a short, concentrated lyric - and a nice melody to carry the whole thing along. Besides, the times they have a-changed. I don't think people go for "epic" songs any more. And look at Kurt Cobain. He built a massive reputation from small, powerful songs. And Lennon was the same. / As you know, I had a six-minute song planned, to be crammed full of words, no instrumental breaks. But then this weekend I thought to myself: What the fuck am I going to sing about for six minutes? It's all bollocks, man.