Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Source saw record demand for its Source Physical Gold P-ETC (SGLD) product last month!

Wow! Eh? / Yes, it's the Wednesday night PR email, back by popular demand.

SGLD was the most actively traded gold Exchange Traded Commodity (ETC) in Europe so far this year and saw the largest inflows of any European gold ETC, attracting $300 million of new assets in January. This compares to less than $250 million of inflows over the whole of 2015.

Er, ETC? WTF?! Is that the same as an ETF? I don't know.

Christopher Mellor at Source, said: "ETFs are a great barometer of market sentiment. Given the challenging start to 2016 and nervousness in the markets, there is clearly a renaissance in gold as a haven. We have seen record demand for our gold product, with investors attracted to its very low cost and high liquidity. Given the on-going concerns over the global economy, we expect demand to remain strong."

Oh, panic over. Our Chris knows. They're the same thing. Nice one, Chris. You've saved my bacon. 'You're a vegetarian, boss.' Shut up, Voice!

'Boss! Boss!' What?! 'Have a look at this shit, from Barclays -'

ETCs are also products that are listed and traded on a stock exchange, however unlike ETFs, which will generally track equity or fixed income indices, ETCs track commodities, such as metals, natural energy resources, agricultural produce or livestock. In some cases an ETC will try to directly track the performance of a given commodity, in other cases ETCs will track an index that is designed to measure the value of that commodity. The second index tracking type of ETC tends to occur in cases where there may be complications in tracking the value of the actual physical commodity itself.

Oh, I see. They're different. Chris is taking the piss, ain't he? I can just imagine: Mikey don't know or care what ETCs and ETFs are. So fuck him!

Lovely. Really lovely. It's nice to know who your friends are.