Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mark Barker launches Strategic Capital Fund with investment from Santander UK Group Pension Scheme

Yeah, our Mark. He's, er, ex-Hermes BPK founder, apparently. Oh, it's the Wednesday night PR email, back by popular demand. 'You've already done it, boss.' No I haven't, idiot! / Sorry, dear reader(s), I can't get the staff, as you know.

Strategic Capital Investors (SCI) has announced the launch of a new accelerator fund, Strategic Capital Fund (the "Fund"), with an initial commitment to provide up to $125m from the £9.5bn Common Fund of the Santander UK Group Pension Scheme.

Ha! The "Fund". I love that!

The objective of the Fund is the placement of long term accelerator capital with early stage and growing systematic managers to establish critical mass to support rapid future development. In return, the Fund, a Luxembourg SIF, will participate in those managers' revenue streams for a fixed period.

Nice one.

Director of Pensions at Santander UK and CIO of the multi-award winning Common Fund, Antony Barker (no relation), said his group was pleased to -

Oh, hang on! What's this? No relation?! Are we expected to believe that? 'Ha! Mark has got his whole family involved. That Antony is probably his brother. Uncle Harry and Aunt Pauline will be coming out of the woodwork next! He's taking the piss, Mikey!'

Ah, that's enough! I'm not writing about the man's WHOLE FAMILY, for Christ's sake! Obviously, I wish Mark all the best, but ... do you know what I mean?


Anything else? The end of another week? Er ... not quite. I wish it were, but I'll be back tomorrow morning, for my sins, with one more post. Laters.