Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Jamil Baz has joined PIMCO!!!

Well, well, well ... / So we have to deal with this "Jamil Baz" character again. I don't mind. Even if he has said terrible things about me in the past. 'What did he say, boss?' He said I'm going to be writing this blog for the next twenty years. 'When did he say that?' Er ... June, 2012. 'Four years ago.' Yes. 'Only another sixteen to go.' Shut up, Voice. Please.

Here's a bit of a post from June, 2012 - Jamil Baz must be out of his fucking mind if he thinks I'm going to be writing about this goddamn financial crisis for the next TWENTY YEARS! / When are we going to see the good times again? / Mr Baz is chief investment strategist at that Man Group/GLG Partners nonsense which was never going to work. You can't mix shamans with squares. Well, not on that scale. And Baz is a GLG guy but he ain't no financial shaman. I've never heard of him, so he can't be. / Well, he ain't at Man Group/GLG Partners no more. 'His LinkedIn profile says he is!' He's going to PIMCO! 'Is he there yet?' May. 'So he's still at Man/GLG then.' Leave me alone!

Dear reader(s), Jamil will be joining PIMCO in May as a managing director and head of client analytics. The good news is, he'll be based in Newport Beach, over in America somewhere, so he'll be out of my hair. 'It sounds personal, Mikey.' I don't want to see him, Voice! I'm still writing this fucking blog, ain't I?! And the crisis never goes away. The shit never goes away. We just go a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND ... / Will we ever escape?!

The guy just winds me up. Jamil Baz. For Christ's sake! Oh, he actually used to work at PIMCO before, you know. He's confused. He doesn't know what he wants out of life. 'Just forget about him, boss. You'll make yourself ill.' Ha! I'm already ill, son.


Music? YES!!! / Let me take my mind off Jamil - and finance - with music. I was listening to The Easybeats, earlier. Now I'm listening to my new song, It's Just a Joke, Man. / I think You're Lying is still my best song, but I want to write more like the latest one. 'I prefer the new one, Mikey. It has more of an edge.' Well, yeah, it's the sort of song I would want to do as a recording artist, you dig? The other songs are me thinking of others. 'Eh?!' Other people recording them! 'Oh. Right.' / Fuck it!

I'm pissed off, man. / I might go out today. I feel like spending some money. A DVD, maybe. I don't know. It's cold out though. I thought it was supposed to be summer. What the hell is going on with our weather? / Ah, laters ...