Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Jean-Louis Le Mee? Westbrook Asset Management?

Well, well ... / Right. Jean-Louis Le Mee is a film producer, and he's going to be working on a new film with star Will Smith. [I think they're making yet another film about the financial crisis. Jesus H. Christ! Do we need another one?] The film is going to be called Westbrook Asset Management. 'I think you might have that wrong, boss.' Oh yeah, Voice. How? 'Westbrook Asset Management is a new hedge fund. Jean-Louis Le Mee used to be a partner at BlueGold Capital. He's not a fucking film producer. And Will Smith is just some finance guy.' Ha! Bollocks, Voice! Where do you get your information? 'The internet.'

What a load of bollocks! You can't trust the internet. I'm sticking with my version. Will Smith was brilliant in Independence Day, and loads of other films. He ain't some boring portfolio manager from CQS. 'Where did you get that? I never said that.' You must have said it. I heard you. You said Will Smith used to be a portfolio manager at CQS - whatever that is. 'Oh dear. I think you're hearing other voices, boss. This is very disturbing.' Yeah, maybe I've got a new intern. You might be out of a job soon, my old son. 'Suits me!' Just go away, will you?


I'm in a bad mood this morning, a perverse mood. / My music is doing my head in, man. I'm going to have another go at My Heart, to see if I can get the lyric right. But not today! I think it's too cold to go out. If I stay in, I'll see if I can write a new tune on my guitar. I've got veggie burger takeaway to look forward to for me dinner. Lunch? Well, lunch first. I didn't buy a sandwich. I'm going to make my own bread rolls with cheese and cucumber. Maybe a can of Coke, but I'm trying to cut down on the sugar.