Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Budget from Planet Bullingdon

A sort of science fiction horror film sort of thing, only it's real. I ain't got no problem with the top rate of tax going down to 45p. (I may be poor, but I intend to be rich.) So, the millionaires are sorted. But there wasn't much for anyone else, was there?

This Budget combined with the slave labour programme they've got going has started me thinking there's a fair chance we're being ruled by *****. Just an observation, you understand. I'm not really an expert on politics.

Of course, Labour wouldn't be any better. We need to do away with politics, and politicians. Let's evolve! We might need help though. I'm hoping aliens are observing us from outer space. I want them to invade! I reckon they would reorder human society and rank us according to our levels of consciousness. I would end up controlling everything. The world would be mine!