Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I wish I had the foggiest idea who Jeffrey Bunzel was

Jeffrey Bunzel is leaving Credit Suisse to join Deutsche Bank. He's actually joining the bank's equity capital markets group as a managing director and head of equity capital markets for the Americas. It sounds very exciting, and I'm happy for the guy, really happy. However, I haven't the foggiest idea who he is, this Bunzel, and I don't know anyone who knows who he is. Should we be concerned?

Some people call him Jeffrey H. Bunzel. (The "H" being a lot like the "H" in Jesus H. Christ, I should imagine.) I don't know any of these people, of course, but I spoke to a few of them yesterday. Unfortunately, they weren't able to tell me who Jeffrey H. Bunzel was, or even who he is. Oh, it's very frustrating. I'm on the verge of giving up.


Yes, I've given up. Do you blame me? Jeffrey Bunzel is one of these men we'll never know. (Maybe even one of those men.) The way he went from Lehman Brothers to CS First Boston was very clever. No one noticed, at the time. And no one cared until later - when it was too late! I suppose we have to admire him, don't we? Whoever he is. It's quite an achievement. I don't envy Mark Hantho.


Yes, I've given up. Let's discuss something less mysterious: music.

I am so close to finishing my three songs, I can almost taste them. The music is done. I just need one and a half lyrics. I'm not going to do a rush job though. When I was seventeen I wrote five songs in one day, and they were rubbish. Quality takes time.

It's a nice sunny day, so I've put Bob Marley on. Reminds me of one of my Cornish holidays. I was sitting on a coach, desperate for it to cross from Devon into Cornwall. (I don't care for Devon at all.) And it was a really sunny day, just like today, and I was listening to Bob Marley. Jamming and all that. And when we went over the Tamar Bridge, I was in ecstasy!