Sunday, 11 March 2012

The last music update (maybe)

I might even delete all the music posts/updates at some point. Finance, from Monday.

I've written the words to the chorus for my new song. I'm quite pleased, but I'm not sure this is going to be the killer song I need. Maybe I should reserve judgement until I get the lyrics for the verses as well.

I wish I hadn't packed music in twenty years ago. I met a big-time music manager in the Grosvenor House Hotel. He was interested in my songs, but not my singing. And he was right, I'm not a singer. But you can't go back in life, can you? Only forward. I've got to trust my instincts now, and work hard, and be patient.


Oh, I saw Jupiter in the sky tonight, and Venus.

Update to the update (9.30am): I've just made a recording of the chorus, and it's much better than I thought it was. (So it helps to record, and then listen.) My words seem to have changed the rhythm of the music, but that's no big deal.