Monday, 26 March 2012

Jason Quinn will work for a hedge fund

Jason Quinn has left Barclays Capital. With words like a dead soul, the news is brought from somewhere. He traded. Soon, he will work at a hedge fund. Credit-default swaps. A secret frisson of delight. He will work at Caxton Associates. 'Caxton Associates and its affiliates currently manage approximately $9.7 billion in assets. The firm was founded in 1983 by Bruce Kovner.' Bruce has devoted himself to mysticism.

Jason doesn't know about it. The blood, the fire. So, oh, ah, what will happen? Despair? Madness? I! Who knows, or cares? Anyway, he should be used to it after BarCap. (Bobby's shamans!) But some of them never get used to it. They're not even aware, half of them. And Jason doesn't know. They would be dreamers, if they had any dreams. It's just dust in their heads, and spiders. Visions never appear like lightning for them.



This is the fresh start. "I" will address "you" for the last time. (You can only make a true fresh start if everything sickens you. Everything sickens me.) It's going to be a different "I" from now on. It's going to be an "I" that could be a monster or a god, or a worm or a clown. But don't look for me, not here. I won't be here. Do you understand? I need to protect myself. So I'm vanishing. I want to be free of the dirt and the chaos. Goodbye. / I will purify myself.