Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's Verboogen!

It's Philippe Verboogen who will be the new chief operating officer for eFront in Europe. eFront is somehow mixed up in software solutions for alternatives. I mean: 'eFront is a leading software provider of solutions dedicated to the financial industry with recognized expertise in alternative realities. eFront’s solutions serve major companies in the private equity, real-estate investment, banking, and insurance sectors'. So, eFront basically does what I do then, but with computers, I suppose. Have I got that right? I don't know what it's all about. Sounds a bit nutty, if you ask me.

And Verboogen? I don't want to investigate. Please, I don't. The sun is shining. Yes, shining - again! Nine days in a row! And you want me to write about this Verboogen character? You're crazy! If he's so special, someone else will write about him eventually. Me, I'm determined to enjoy the good times. 'There have been good times', as David Essex sings at the end of Stardust before Adam Faith puts him in the ambulance. And there are good times RIGHT NOW! / By the way, my nan used to know Adam Faith's mum. But you don't want to hear all this, do you? (Can you hear me? Am I in your head?) You're not into music. This isn't a music blog. It's a financial blog!