Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oh my God! Now we've got Mitch Ackles to deal with!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I discover that someone by the name of Mitch Ackles has become president of the Hedge Fund Association. 'As hedge funds become more mainstream, the hedge fund industry has a greater responsibility to help everyone understand its contributions to the financial markets.' That's the man himself! Speaking like a genuine human being! Not a thought-form conjured up in some hellish other reality! Can we believe it? Or should we refuse to believe? I'm open to suggestions on this one. I may be the world's foremost financial shaman, but I need guidance. I'm reaching out to you, dear reader(s). Do you know of Mitch Ackles? Is he as real as he seems?

I dozed off after lunch and had a short dream. I dreamt I was being followed through my local park by white tigers. They weren't chasing me. I wasn't in any danger. I was just being followed, like they were curious about me or something. Then I woke up, switched on my laptop, and came face to face with Mitch Ackles on the internet. How utterly bizarre is this life?! Many people claim we live many lives. They say we keep coming back. Others say this is our only life. Well, once is enough, after today. Let me tell you: once is enough!

Oh, there's more. See if you can get your head around this: 'I am looking forward to continuing the groundbreaking work that David Friedland has done as HFA president.' Absolutely terrifying!

Proceed with caution: even more.