Wednesday, 28 February 2018

I'm not writing about finance today

So maybe tomorrow, dear reader(s). I'm just not in the mood, all right? Jesus H. - !!! I've had to buy more data for my internet pay-as-you-contemplate-suicide dongle thing, after the other data was stolen by the company - for the second time, unbelievably. 'Complain to them, boss.' Well, the problem, Voice, is that ... my time is worth more than the £10 I could potentially recover. You can't just contact these pricks and get your money back. They make you jump through a thousand hoops first. 'Well, move to another firm then.' What, again? Okay. I might have to. Let's see how it goes.

Okay, okay. This is a test anyway, of my new samurai personality. I will not be beaten! 'Nice one, boss!' It's day three, and I'm still going strong. 'Great!' I'm surprised Tony Robbins hasn't spoken of this. Actually, even Elon Musk hasn't spoken of it much, and tries to deny it now too. 'Why, man?' I just think they're really secretive about the good stuff that works the best. However, there is a video on YouTube of Musk in his office messing around with a samurai sword. Most people won't see the significance of it though.

Right. Brexit? My prediction? I say we're heading for an absolutely mental hard Brexit which will cause serious damage to this country for five years or so. 'Why only five years?' Hang on! The good news is, a hard Brexit will probably destroy the Conservative Party. 'It's an ill wind ...' Yes. But after five years, this country will be so weakened that we will have to rejoin the European Union and take the full integration this time, the euro and everything. 'Christ!' Yeah, it's not ideal. It would be so much better to stay as we are. However, it's what the people want, so let them have it.

I'll probably be living in Malibu by then, as long as they have a sensible president over there in America. 'What are the odds?' Ha! I don't know, man.

Oh, I just popped outside for five minutes. Talk about the day after tomorrow! 'It's the day after yesterday, Mikey.' Yeah, whatever. It's bloody cold, I know that.

Okay, later(s), crocodile(s). Maybe I'll have some financial news tomorrow, and maybe I won't. 'Bye!' Yeah, bye.