Thursday, 8 February 2018

Some sort of breakthrough ...

I'm going to cut down on these PR emails soon ... because some of these people are mad, like the parcel guy, and some are just downright confusing.

Paris and New York, February 7, 2018 | eFront, the leading financial software and solutions provider dedicated to Alternative Investments, today announces the launch of a brand-new solution set to revolutionize the alternative investment industry, called eFront Insight.

Okay, okay. What's it all about, then?

eFront Insight capitalizes on eFront's 19 years of experience in alternative investments. It represents a major breakthrough in the industry due to its ability to digitalize data exchanges between General Partners and Limited Partners, boost analytics and insight generation, and transform traditional investment processes. eFront Insight combines a GP data portal with industry benchmarks and third-party data, resulting in an advanced and sophisticated analytical platform with best-in-class user experience, adept at generating unique insights. eFront Insight is available for both Limited Partners and General Partners.

Yeah, uh, okay. But what's it all about?!

eFront Insight GP enables General Partners to streamline data reporting and fundraising.

eFront Insight LP provides Limited Partners access to reliable investment and benchmark data and enables them to generate superior insights, facilitating their decision making for due-diligence and portfolio construction.

A first version of the solution was presented to eFront clients at the end of 2017 during eFront's Client Forums in Paris and New York. eFront Insight is now entering its Early Adopter phase, with a commercial launch expected early in 2019. As part of the Early Adopter Program, eFront Insight is as of now available to selected eFront clients and alternative investment managers. Product presentations, demos, and pre-subscriptions are already available to all other interested parties. eFront will have a significant presence at SuperReturn's Berlin forum to present the solution and its breakthrough impact for alternative investment managers.

What? Jesus H. Christ! I'm none the wiser, me. 'Boss.' What? 'It's all technical technological stuff, ain't it?' Yes, I know, Voice. Thank you ... for your insight, like. 'They're probably using computers and that. But it must mean something to someone. I bet your readers understand it.' Ha! Those bastards. Yes, I should imagine they understand all this. But do they understand me when I'm spinning a-ROUND in one of my conceptuals and trying to get them to join me in our consciousness nesses? 'Er ... maybe not, boss.' / Right. Let's finish with Olivier -

Commenting on the announcement, Olivier Dellenbach, Executive Chairman of eFront, said, "We believe the alternative investment market is mature enough for a prescriptive solution like eFront Insight that will streamline data exchanges between LPs and GPs and take the generation of insights to the next level. eFront, as the leading technology provider dedicated to alternative investments, is uniquely positioned to lead this fundamental industry evolution".

Okay. Thanks, Olivier. It sounds really interesting.


Uh, anything else, dear reader(s)? Not a lot. It's the end of another week though, I can tell you that. 'Yippee! What are you doing this weekend, Mikey?' I don't know, man. Maybe some recording, if I feel like it.

Okay, later(s), alligator(s).