Thursday, 15 February 2018

My last ever music update!

Yes, yes. YES! This is my last ever music update. Believe it. This is a finance blog, so ... / Anyway, dear reader(s), do you remember I was talking about a possible Citizen Kane of albums a while ago? I mean, an album that would be indisputably the greatest ever - and future-proof, too! You may remember I said that you can't do anything new with music. Well, that's still true, but you can write songs that are ... greater than songs than have come before. Because I'm thinking now I only need two more songs as good as the three I mentioned yesterday. If I were to put them together with six of my other songs as support, I would have an eleven-track album that would be ... beyond anything done so far, by anyone. Yes. And this could be important. We all know how tough the music business is these days. It's tough for artists in their twenties. It's practically impossible for someone of my age, nearly fifty. Only Seasick Steve (even older than me) has had any reasonable success as a new artist. But a Citizen Kane of albums would be a historic achievement. It would set me up straight away, and take all the pressure off me. / The album would have to be future-proof. Back in 1967, it looked like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was such an album. But that's not true any more. Now, at the very top, we have Revolver, The Stone Roses, OK Computer, Pet Sounds ... [maybe a couple of others(?!?!)] ... and, yes, Sgt. Pepper, and it's hard to say which is best. The Stone Roses is an interesting one. It's the only one out of that lot that didn't do anything remotely new, but it is GREAT!!! / By the way, I do have one song, Nothing, which is sort of new. It's not a new sound, but it's a new structure. It's a five-minute pop song as musical as any Beatles pop song, but it has a lengthy poetic lyric that matches the best of Dylan. (Actually, it's more like Yeats, in the sense that I've polished and refined the shit out of it.) The best of both worlds, as it were.


Oh, obviously ... I understand that artistic judgments are subjective. However, I don't want anyone telling me that Duran Duran's Seven and the Ragged Tiger is the greatest album ever. Or that Police Academy 3: Back in Training is the greatest film. Please, no.