Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The day after yesterday

Yeah, yeah. Or tomorrow. It doesn't matter. It's bloody cold, that's all. Actually, my internet is frozen, so I can't post this yet. If you're reading it now, well ... it means I've posted it. But the internet company is useless. The last time this happened, I lost £20 credit. I didn't complain because I know that customer services for these companies are so bad that you can spend two or three days just trying to deal with them. So it's better to lose £20. 'And maybe the internet companies know that, boss.' Yes, Voice. They're basically gangsters. But what can you do? Move to another dongle pay-as-you-scream merchant who will be just as bad? I've done that a couple of times already. The whole industry is a fucking scam, man.

So, anyway ... finance? I don't know what's happening. No news is good news. Deal with it, dear reader(s).

Oh, I'll post this sooner or later. In the meantime, I'm going to talk some, yeah, random thoughts, like, maybe about samurai. 'How's that going, boss?' Brilliant, Voice! I didn't even put my TV on until ten last night, and even then I wasn't interested in it. It's like my whole personality has shifted ... in an instant. 'Do you think you'll be able to keep it going? There might be a comedown at some point. You know, a change of mood, Mikey.' Moods won't matter, son. This ain't a new mood, it's a personality shift. 'Oh.' You're either a samurai or you're not a samurai. 'And you're a samurai.' Fuckin' A, I am! 'Okay. Should you be putting this on your blog? People might think you're nuts.' Ha! Yeah, like I care. Seriously.

Right. Anyway, I'm reading that Elon Musk book again. It's amazing that he more or less invented internet banking, with the help of a few others.

Brexit? Customs union? Okay. I don't know if Labour's new idea will work. The only thing I do know is that it has left the Tories looking like utter melts. Even business is getting behind Labour now.

Well, well, uh ... I'll post this when I can. I'm going to write a conceptual today (Tuesday) as well, No. 590. Let's hope for the best! I don't see how the cold has affected anything. 'It's the incompetence of the dongle twats, boss.' Tell me about it!