Thursday, 22 February 2018

More eFront ...

Christ! "Best regards", Sam says. Is he having a laugh? Or she. It's a unisex name, ain't it? 'Sounds dodgy, boss.' It's not dodgy, Voice.

New York, Seattle, February 22, 2018 - eFront, the leading technology provider to alternative investment professionals, and PitchBook, the premier data provider for the private and public equity markets, announce today a strategic partnership to integrate PitchBook data within the recently announced eFront Insight solution.

I mean ...

Leveraging PitchBook's data feed solution, eFront clients can now flexibly access deep fund-level information, empowering Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GPs) to gauge private market performance relative to peer groups for PE and VC strategies, while also allowing LPs to refine asset allocation strategies.


Additionally, eFront will also integrate performance measurement data and analysis from PitchBook Benchmarks into eFront Insight. Recently released, PitchBook Benchmarks is a performance measurement tool offering objective, reliable and transparent resource for fund performance data. The integration will be available this coming month as part of eFront Insight's early adopter program.

Listen, dear reader(s), I'm only putting this stuff on here because I know you understand it all. But me? Jesus H. - !!! I ain't got a clue what's going on, son. 'Boss.' Yeah, what? 'Thibaut will explain.' Who?! Who the fuck - 'Thibaut de Laval! The chief strategy and marketing officer at eFront.' Oh, great.

Commenting on the announcement, Thibaut de Laval, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at eFront, said: "eFront and PitchBook - the two leading providers of technology and market data to the alternative investment sector - joining forces behind our eFront Insight solution, is an important signal for the entire industry. We intend to combine the best sources of information in the industry today to bring unique value to our clients through the eFront Insight platform."

Okay, okay. Thank you, Thibaut. You've been a great help. Seriously. / Unbelievable! So, it's, uh, obviously ... technology, and that, data. 'Computers, boss.' Yeah, yeah, I know, Voice, I know. It's the same as last time. And I wish them all the best with it, I really do. / Maybe I should have done a Jinksy PR email. I mean, I can understand parcels, man.


Anything else? No, not really. 'Politics!' Shut up, idiot! I'm not doing politics. Or music. / It's the end of another week. What are you doing at the weekend, reader(s), anything nice? Oh, okay. That's interesting. But maybe you should stop slacking off, yeah? I suggest you read my earlier post from this morning.