Monday, 5 February 2018

Start exporting!

Right. I wasn't going to do any more Jinksy emails because I've done too many already and it's not fair on the other guys, but I like this one. Jinksy says you've got to start exporting, before it's too late. 'What's he calling his firm this week, boss? ParcelHero, or something else?' Er ... let me see .... ParcelHero, Voice! 'Nice one!' Yes.

"A unique combination of the fall in the value of the pound, the current lack of tariffs, taxes and Customs delays on UK goods into Europe, and a high duty threshold for British goods in the USA, means there may never be a better time for UK SME manufacturers and retailers to take their first step into selling overseas."

This was the message of the international delivery specialist ParcelHero to the Department for International Trade (DIT) Midlands Engine 'Selling Online' Conference delegates yesterday
[Uh, Thursday last week, I think].

The event, staged at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, drew in around 500 retailers and manufacturers embarking on exporting products to overseas markets. Speaking at the event, ParcelHero's Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT, revealed that: "All the stars were in alignment for exporting success".

Yes, Jinsky was at this conference, telling them how it is. Here's more -

However, David cautioned that the impact of Brexit may change the current highly favourable trading arrangements with European Union countries. Said David: "Exporters have never had it so good! It's to be hoped that a soft Brexit will mirror EU Single Market and Customs Union arrangements as closely as possible. Certainly now is the most cost-effective time for businesses to dip your toes in exporting to Europe and start building relationships."

Ha! Well, there's the problem, you see, dear reader(s). The latest news at the weekend was that we won't be in the customs union - which means a hard Brexit, fucked-up exports, and the economic collapse (or at least serious decline) of the United Kingdom. 'Jesus!' Yes, Voice. And we're going to be like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes. Well, the sensible ones amongst us are. 'Eh?' When he sees the Statue of Liberty wrecked on the beach. 'Oh yeah. Of course. Nice one.' Ha! Not really a nice one, man.



Yes, ENDS. / Anyway ... anything else? Okay. I got another email this morning, from Tony Robbins. They used to arrive once a week. Now it's almost every day. I don't read them. I think I see a problem with his business model. 'What's that, boss?' Well, Voice, once he's helped people sort their lives out, they don't really need him any more. 'There are plenty of people who need help, man.' Yes. He should go after them, then, but not me. 'Oh, don't be like that, Mikey.' Don’t get me wrong, man. He's still a great guy. Him and Jordan Belfort. And I suggest, dear reader(s), if you can find Jordan Belfort's Module Four on YouTube you should watch it. Like today, RIGHT NOW(!), you dig? All the modules are good, but I think that's the best one. Be a tour de force in your own life!

Okay. Laters.