Monday, 26 February 2018

My first day as a samurai ...

Just like Elon Musk! Yes, dear reader(s), this is another fresh start, and I'm sticking to this one. 'Boss!' What, Voice? 'What about the financial news, man?' Er, there isn't any. Look at the PR folder in my emails. Not a single email, son. 'Well, you could always go looking for news, the way you used to.' Oh, I could ... if I were some hardworking square who just happens to be absolutely fascinated by the world of finance. But after eleven years ... you know what I mean. 'Yeah, I suppose.' Maybe tomorrow, reader(s), Voice. Or maybe next month. 'Maybe there'll be some news about Aviva Investors.' Ha! Oh, great. Something else I've missed out on! Like a new lager they've discovered. No thank you. I don't want to know what they're getting up to.

Anyway, as I say, it's my first day as a samurai. My ultimate fresh start, as it were - or as it is, actually. 'Will it last past tonight, boss?' It'll have to. I'm committed now. I reckon I'll be able to do it for twenty to twenty-five years, before I'm knackered. 'Ha! What then?' Ha, ha, ha! You sound like that Yeats poem. 'Eh?' Let the fools rage, I swerved in naught, Something to perfection brought. 'Nice.' Yes, it is.


Right. Music update? 'You don't do those no more, Mikey!!!' Uh. Yes I do, idiot! 'This is a finance blog!!!' Shut up! 'But you said -' Don't worry about what I said. I say all sorts of things. That's half my charm, man.

Christ! Anyway, I've been looking at my twelve songs again, and I've decided that It's Just a Joke, Man and She Loves Me would weaken any album, so I'd be better off with a ten-track one of roughly forty-two and a half minutes. However, if I could write another song like Nothing, I would have an eleven-track album that I feel confident would give me the "Citizen Kane of albums" that I'm after. 'Great!' / And I would like a lot more songs like Nothing, because it is something new in form if not in sound. So there! 'Fair enough.' / Oh, also. I'm leaving Lucky You off the demo now, and just going with my three best songs, Nothing and the big pop/rock ballads. 'Oh.' To paraphrase Marco Pierre White, I don't want the listener to suffer any weakness. 'Nice one!' Yeah, it will be. Well, nice three!

Right. Anything else? Well, I have one of those long roll things for lunch, with cheese in it. / I'll be writing a conceptual later, too, No. 589, for my sins. One day, I'll be set free. I truly believe that.


Update (2.00pm): This samurai thing is working out great. I've even put samurai wallpapers on my laptop and phone! I think it works because a samurai is not only an extreme character, he's also completely alien to modern life.