Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Cor! ... again ... yes ... financial

Yeah, yeah.

PR email,  obviously. And, cor! ... obviously, because we're all so excited. 'Hello!' Hello, Voice. 'What's this, then, boss?' This, then, is work. 'Oh.'

Let's go!

London, 19 July 2021 - corfinancial today announces that Man Group, the global active investment management firm, has selected its treasury solution, Salerio, to manage the firm's foreign exchange confirmation, settlement and netting processing.

Man Group uses Salerio to automate the management of securities post-trade processing and is expanding the use of Salerio to incorporate automation of foreign exchange processing. The investment management firm's international growth has relied increasingly upon Salerio, which automates key middle office processes.

Salerio will also support Man Group's CLS (Continuous Linked Settlement) netting - a standardized, automated bilateral payment netting service.

Yeah, okay. Salerio and Man Group, together again! 'Together more, boss.' All right, if you prefer ... together more!

So, we have the Richard voice now.


Please, Richard, say something exciting ...

Richard Craske, Change Management Specialist at Man Group, says: "We have been a long-term user of Salerio to manage our trade confirmation and settlement. The high volume of our securities trading - that can reach in excess of 30,000 allocations per day - demands the very best in technology and Salerio has more than proved its worth. We now want to incorporate foreign exchange processing and CLS netting in the same, centralized processing model. With Salerio's treasury modules in place we can continue to scale our operations efficiently, allowing our teams to focus on handling exceptions."


Bruce, can you do better than that? Please try.

Bruce Hobson, CEO at corfinancial, says: "We are delighted to have been selected by Man Group to bring further efficiencies to their post-trade processes. We look forward to Man Group extending the use of Salerio to incorporate FX processing, completing the treasury deployment during 2021."


I don't know.

I just don't know.

I suppose the Bruce voice is "delighted". That might be worth something. What do you think, Voice? 'I think you've got a downer on the Richard voice. Personally, I was excited when he mentioned the 30,000 allocations per day. In excess of, actually.' Well, he said it can reach in excess of 30,000 allocations per day. I think we should take that with a pinch of salt.

Never mind.



Anything else?

Well, obviously ... I'm not having the week off. Maybe next week - if it's cooler. How will YOU(!) know? I'll stop writing for the week. Or ... whenever. I'll stop writing for a week whenever. Because I'm stopping all the personal chat, and music and fitness updates ... soon.

Fitness? I've lost ten pounds in five weeks. And I've put on more muscle. This is day twenty-four of the thirty-day challenge. One hundred push-ups a day, you dig? It's reasonably easy now. When it's over, I might not go back to the dumbbells. I might do fifty push-ups and fifty sit-ups a day instead. Either five days a week or seven. I haven't decided yet. / I reckon I'll have my Steve McQueen body by September. That's all right, ain't it?

I walked to Richmond and back yesterday. Ten miles in crazy heat! I had Coke with my lunch, but on the way back I also drank a bottle of water. I don't usually do that. It made the walk much easier.

Actually, all my drinks yesterday ... two teas, two coffees, two bottles of water (500ml), a milk shake, a pint (can) of Kronenbourg, a bottle of Coke (500ml), half a pint of milk, loads of water from the tap ... yeah, I was thirsty, man.

Anyway ...