Tuesday 27 July 2021


How are you?

Your inner world must be more powerful and intense than anything in the outer world.

Don't look to the world, my kooks.

The world is a shitshow full of weakness and stupidity, and it will only get worse.

There is nothing genuine in ordinary reality.

Go, go, go ... inside yourself, and stay there.

Control your consciousness ness subconsciousness ness ness. Be careful. What are you letting in?

Program yourself.

What are you doing with your life? Do family and friends and other strangers approve?

If they don't approve, never never never ... mind.

Live how you like.

There is freedom in alienation.

Only your opinion counts.

Remember though, the cosmos is watching ...

You are a fragment.

The cosmos is open to you. The cosmos is the only living thing you can trust. Even those lovely dolphins are wrapped up in their own affairs.

You must have two states of ego: massive, and none. Use them at the right times.

Smile for no reason.

Be positive for a laugh.

If you are base metal, become gold.

And remember this -

Spiritual aristocrats are stronger than the outer world, and stronger than ordinary reality.

Open your eyes.