Monday, 5 July 2021

Nina has joined the advisory board

Well, that's all right, ain't it?

'Nina, boss? We don't know any Nina!'

Ha, ha, ha! We don't need to know any Nina, idiot! It's a PR email.

'Oh, okay. Just another puppet for us to play with then.'

Don't be like that.

We have a voice!

Nina Amin comments: "I have a passion for finding and creating value, by searching for ambitious founders with great ideas that the world needs to hear, and pairing them with high net worths that want to grow their capital as well as make a difference in the world. I am incredibly excited to work with JPIN VCATS - and what they are doing for both Indian and British startups and investors."

Okay, okay. But that's the end of the email. Let's start at the beginning, the way we should have done. 'We?' Me.

Nina Amin, former KPMG Partner and ex-TiE President, joins JPIN VCATS' advisory board.

JPIN VCATS, as the largest investment corridor and venture capital firm for Indian and British cross-investment, has been joined by top talent to provide counsel for investors looking for symbiotic relationships with ambitious startups, and for new businesses that need a vital injection of capital to grow.

A key tenet of their work will be to drive investment and growth for firms across the regions of the UK, and help them expand in addition to the 'golden triangle' of investment between London, Oxford and Cambridge.

Nina has over 25 years of experience in providing commercial tax and financial advice across a broad range of areas including corporate Governance, M&A transactions, due diligence, reorganizations, and financing. She was elected to the board of TiE London in Jan 2015, where she became their first female President.

By background, Nina is a qualified chartered accountant and an ex-Partner of KPMG, having overseen business development and expansion in the Asian markets for five years. This allowed her to further develop a valuable network of influential and high net worth contacts, allowing her to secure vital capital for startups of high potential.

As the winner of several awards, including the 2008 Professional of the Year and the 2009 Asian Who's Who Leadership award, and the 2016 Woman of the Year award, her excellence has rightfully been noticed. She was appointed to the Prince's Trust Women in Leadership Group and was also the Vice Chair on the board of trustees for Lepra Organisation and a trustee for Cancer Research UK.  She was awarded an MBE in 2013 in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.


But what does the Gaurav voice say? Will he spoil everything with a negative comment?

Gaurav Singh, co-founder of JPIN VCATS, comments: "As all the awards demonstrate, Nina Amin is an incredibly talented individual who we are thrilled to welcome to the team, and honoured that she would choose to work with and invest in our project. Her sound sense of finance and planning is second to none, and she will be a great asset to our team - we cannot wait to welcome her on board."

He's happy!

Okay, okay. It’s obviously some sort of ship. 'What is?!' The office where she'll be working with the cats. 'Oh, okay. That's a bit different.'

Well, whatever.

I doubt it's a drunken boat, BUT ... you can't have everything. Not this early on a Monday morning anyway.



You can have this though.

It came to me ... moments ago. Yes.

There's no depth to anything in the world. Just a few people - if you're lucky. A heavy thing has lightness in it. A light thing ...

There's darkness in the light. There are shadows on a sunny day. There is rain hiding in a blue sky.

In a cloudy sky ... there will be a bit of sun, even if you can't see it.

In a rotten heart. In a stupid mind.

So common! However ...

In a great mind ... stupid ideas.

In a wonderful, loving heart ... evil.

It's all true.

The soul needs to be clean, free of all that. What are the chances?

And who cares?!