Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Day eighteen

Day eighteen of what? ... you might be wondering. Well, you should know! It's day eighteen of my one hundred push-ups a day for thirty days.

It's going to be difficult today though. I'm recovering from a headache in the night, and I don't want it coming back.

St Ives? Christ! Where do people get off charging over £200 a day for a single room? And where do they get off charging £10,000 a day for a three-bedroom house? Well, I'll tell you where, my kook(s): HELL. That's where.

When I went to Cornwall for eight weeks - January to March 1991 - I paid £65 a week for a one-bedroom holiday flat. Yeah! It had a living-room, and a kitchen, too. It wasn't just a room.

The whole world has gone insane!

Music? Yeah, yeah. My music? Mighty Soul ... ? I'm writing the lyric, yes. I'm moving along the Straight Line at a snail's pace. So what?! Leave me alone!

What else?

I've bought an ebook for my phone. The Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian. I'm reading it at a snail's pace, too. I'm surprised by the level of detail. It's similar to Caesar's Conquest of Gaul, which, obviously, he wrote himself. / One thing has struck me: Alexander doesn't come across as a hothead and cartoon character - the way he's often portrayed. He has more humanity. He may be in the front line of most battles, but he's not running around like a buffoon, and he has strategy.

So, apologies to Alexander and his family and friends for some of my criticisms in the past.

Ha! Actually, I'd like to see Alexander in a job interview with some of today's HR professionals. But that's another story.

Is there anything else?

Uh. I've got four lyrics to write, man. Work, work, work. (Why is there no rest for the wicked?) It should leave me with nine so-called world-beaters and eight supporting songs. That'll be nice.

More else?

Oh, by the way ... my writing in this blog last week was a trial run of my new "cut-off and remote" style. I'll be going back to it at some stage. Maybe as early as Monday. Don't get upset! It's nothing personal, like, kook(s). You know how it is, or ... how it's got to be.

I love you so much!