Thursday, 29 July 2021

Refinitiv Lipper: European fund flow report - June 2021

Oh, I had a lovely walk to Richmond and back today. Ten miles, yes. It wasn't too hot and it was quite windy, so I didn't get all sweaty - which makes a nice change.

Anyway, down to business ...

Long-term mutual funds (+€70.6 bn) posted net inflows for June 2021.
Money market products (-€15.5 bn) posted net outflows for June 2021.
The overall fund flows for mutual funds and ETFs in Europe in June amounted to estimated net inflows of €55.0 bn.
Equity funds (+€37.8 bn) were the best-selling asset type overall for June 2021.
Equity Global (+€16.7 bn) was once again the best-selling sector among long-term funds.
Luxembourg (+€37.9 bn) was the fund domicile with the highest net inflows, followed by Ireland (+€20.1 bn) and the UK (+€7.2 bn).
JPMorgan (+€13.8 bn) was the best-selling fund promoter in Europe for June, ahead of BlackRock (+€5.9 bn) and Goldman Sachs (+€3.9 bn).

Okay, okay. It's a PR email from Detlef and the gang, so obviously. 'Does he have anything to say, our Detlef?' He probably does, Voice. Yes, he most probably does.

Oh, look - !!!

Detlef Glow, Head of EMEA Research at Refinitiv Lipper, comments: "European investors were in a risk-on mode over the course of June since The Thing in Europe was easing further. Because of this, it was no surprise that June 2021 was another positive month for the European fund industry since the promoters of mutual funds (+€40.8 bn) and ETFs (+€14.3 bn) enjoyed inflows. The overall flow pattern in Europe showed that investors continued to be in risk-on mode in June. In more detail, investors bought further into risky assets as long-term funds (+€70.6 bn) enjoyed inflows, while money market products (-€15.5 bn) faced estimated net outflows. In line with the general flow pattern, Equity Global (+€16.7 bn) was the best-selling classification for the month."

Nice one, Detlef! BUT(!) ... shouldn't you be on holiday, son? 'When's your holiday, boss?' I don't know, man. [Er ... holiday? Week off.]



Maybe I'll take next week off - if the weather is all right. I mean, not too hot, and not too wet, you dig?

Music? I've got the chorus and pre-chorus lyric for Mighty Soul ... after many, many rewrites. This is going to be my best song and the one that I pin to the top of my Twitter, so ... I don't want the customer to suffer any weakness.

Who said that?

'You did!'

No, who said it?

'Oh, you mean Marco Pierre White.'


'Do I win a biscuit?'

I haven't got any biscuits, Voice. I don't eat snacks.


Ha! Never mind.

Bye bye.