Monday, 12 July 2021

Who on earth is Florian Cardi?!

I think we better find out, don't you?

'Me? Yeah, I think so, boss.'

Good. There's only one problem, Voice.

'What's that?'

It's a PR email ... from Lucky. In a PDF, too.

'Oh Christ!'



Please find enclosed the press release regarding the appointment of Florian Cardi as Head of International Development and M&A at Sogelink-Geodesial Group, a Keensight Capital's portfolio company.

Feel free to contact us for any information.                            

Best regards,

'Well, that wasn't too bad.'

That was Estelle.


Here's Lucky -

Florian Cardi joins Sogelink-Geodesial Group as Head of International Development and M&A his mission will be to accelerate the group's road map and contribute to its growth in France and abroad to make Sogelink-Geodesial Group a leader in the construction tech sector Paris 8 July 2021 Florian Cardi has chosen to channel his expertise into realizing Sogelink-Geodesial Group's ambitions bringing with him significant experience in the  fields of sales mergers and acquisitions at the highest level as well as the international development of French companies his arrival coincides with the European market entering a consolidation phase and the opportunity for the group to accelerate in France but also abroad to establish itself as the leader in the construction tech sector in Europe a new challenge in a career that already has plenty having trained as an engineer Florian began his career at Ernst & Young supporting French clients looking to expand abroad after eight years in the Transaction Advisory Services department of the company he was named Investment Director at TIME Equity Partner at TIME he contributed to several investments in small-cap European businesses in the digital sector who were seeking to speed up their development by diversifying their offers and internationalizing their solutions two years later he joined the Airbus group as Vice-President M&A where he spent eight years carrying out a whole host of operations to promote external growth and group reorganization via acquisitions and partnerships in the commercial aviation space and defence divisions most notably he contributed to the European consolidation of the launcher market within the space industry at the age of 41 he has chosen to join Sogelink-Geodesial Group to carry out a wider interdisciplinary role as Head of International Development & M&A a challenge on a professional and on a personal level that fills him with enthusiasm the  universe in which Sogelink-Geodesial Group is evolving combines software with construction both of which are growth sectors Florian said the project as it has been presented to me is an exciting one my role will be to enable the group to accelerate at an international level and also involves identifying external growth opportunities abroad while continuing the consolidation of the sector in France I am Lucky to be involved in a large-scale group which has still remained agile and maintained its start-up mindset building on the fundamentals to help to position the group as a new leader in construction tech in Europe to succeed  in  his  mission Florian Cardi will be able to rely on the panel of innovative solutions developed by Sogelink-Geodesial Group which responds to expert highly-defined trade problems in the main these solutions can be easily deployed abroad since they contribute to the automation and simplification of expert tasks in the construction field internationally Florian will work on the development of the distributor network via strategic partnerships whilst monitoring build-up opportunities by identifying those businesses that are compatible with the Sogelink-Geodesial Group DNA in priority markets becoming European leader in construction tech will mean that we will have to expand way beyond our borders Florian added we are already present internationally be it via our subsidiaries or our network of distributors my recruitment further underlines this ambition and also gives this ambition a frame combined with our growth and the support of our partners it will give us what we need to accelerate further our international development is a key step in our roadmap and we are now ready to devote the necessary energy to conquering these new markets that are opening up to us said Fatima Berral CEO of Sogelink-Geodesial Group the solid experience that Florian brings particularly in the field of M&A will be indispensable to us and we are delighted to welcome him to the group Florian will not be neglecting the other aspect of his mission which is to further strengthen Sogelink-Geodesial Group's positions in  the domestic French market where investments dedicated to the external and organic growth of the group are more of a priority than ever key international figures -

STOP - !!!
STOP - !!!
STOP - !!!

Thank you, Lucky, but that's enough.

'What's his problem, boss?'

I have no idea, Voice. [Personally, I blame Sam, but never mind.]



And that is the ENDS of that, I am glad to say.