Monday, 16 August 2021

A public offer to acquire something

Okay, okay. Something or other.

'What are you going to acquire, boss?' Me?! Nothing, Voice. This is a PR email. 'Oh, okay. / What about that new electro acoustic guitar you want?' Er ... maybe next week. But I'm not making an offer. The price is the price. I mean - never mind.

Let's do this email ...

Swiss Life Asset Managers and Vauban Infrastructure Partners are launching a public offer to acquire Aves One AG, one of the leading owners of railcars in Europe.

Fair enough.

Rhine Rail Investment AG, the special purpose vehicle set up by Swiss Life Asset Management AG and Vauban Infrastructure Partners is launching a public takeover offer to acquire all shares of Aves One AG. A group of shareholders owning over 85% of the Company have irrevocably committed to tender their shares.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Aves One is one of the largest owners of railcars and swap bodies in Europe. The Company is listed on the regulated market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

But are we convinced about this ... Aves One?

Swiss Life Asset Managers and Vauban Infrastructure Partners are convinced of the strong positioning and potential of Aves One.  Both are keen to support management's efforts in growing the platform and investing in new, quality assets. Aves One is well-positioned to take advantage of the positive momentum and favourable demand outlook for European railcars and swap bodies and will be able to leverage Swiss Life Asset Managers' and Vauban Infrastructure Partner's experience in managing major infrastructure investments.

Fair enough. 'Are you convinced though, boss?' It's got nothing to do with me, Voice. Live and let live, that's what I say.

Right. Let's go to the voices!

Er ...

'There are no voices, boss.'

Well, that's a shame. I like the voices that come with these emails. 'Ha! I can do without them, me.' Well, that's because you're worried they'll take your job. 'I'm not worried. They can have my job.' Yeah, yeah. Whatever.



Anything else? Mighty Soul ... ?

Yeah, I've been rehearsing the song, and the words are all right now. I mean, I've forgotten all the gibberish, you dig?

And, yes, it is my best song.

How good is it compared to other songs? Ha! Well, I think it's the greatest song ever, but that's just me.

I reckon people will see it as being in the top ten, anyway. I mean ... you're always going to get the rather odd sort who think that Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song ever, BUT(!) ... there's nothing we can do about such people. We've just got to let them live their lives, you know?

[Mighty Soul is the greatest, yes.]

At the end of the week, I'll start work on the lyric for Life and Death. The song will be less commercial than Mighty Soul, but maybe just as good ... ?


Oh, true story. I was feeling a bit depressed yesterday morning, so I went for a walk by the river at Kew Bridge - just like Ringo - and some crazy Irish guy started talking to me, asking me where I live and that. He asked me my name, and I said Michael. And he goes: "Are you serious?!" I said, Yeah, why? And he said, "You're named after the archangel Michael, one of the most powerful angels in heaven." He then went on to tell me that the angels are real, not just symbolic or something. He invited me into his house for a cup of tea. I made a polite excuse and left.

I suppose it cheered me up a bit. I don't know, really.

Anyway ...