Monday, 23 August 2021

Believe it or not

This is the last time I will ever write about my music in this blog. Enough is enough! I'm pissed off, anyway.

I made a few rough recordings of Mighty Soul at the weekend. It's as good as Beautiful Day by U2 or Losing My Religion by R.E.M., which means ... it's not a world-beater. [???] Or maybe it is. I don't know anymore. / I've also downgraded another tune. So, after I've finished Life and Death, I'll only have a BIG SIX. That's a long way from a BIG TEN, man.

All my BIG TEN songs have got to be world-beaters. If I were thirty years younger, I wouldn't need to write songs like this. It's just the way it is for me. Fate? Destiny? Fucked-up stars? I don't know. 'The cosmos knows, Mikey.' Yeah, yeah.

Maybe the cosmos could let me in on the joke ...

Listen! If I can get my BIG TEN by the end of the decade, that will be enough. Or ... it will have to be enough, you dig? It's exhausting!

I might start writing smaller pop/rock songs for a while. Some more like Love Me and Round The Bend.

Of course, I always change my mind, ha! ... which is why I'm not doing anymore updates.

So this will be the demo again -

This World Don't Mean a Thing

And this will be the album -

This World Don't Mean a Thing
Lucky You
Round The Bend
What's This Life We Live?
And Rain Came Down
Good Times
I'm Right Inside
Life and Death

If I change my mind ... again, YOU(!) won't know anything about it ... unless I tell you in another goddamn update. Which I won't do. So there!

Oh! I've ordered a new Zoom Handy recorder thing. The H5. I mean, I'm definitely not going to a recording studio, man, even though the sound quality would be better. I want privacy at home, you dig? I want to do things my way, to get them just right. It's the performance that matters most.

When will I record my demo? Hopefully, September. [???] I'm going to do a lot more rehearsing. A lot more!

When will I launch on Twitter? October - ?!?!?! Oh, you're so optimistic! Seriously? Well, maybe.

Ha, ha, ha!

Later(s), kook(s)!