Thursday, 26 August 2021

Katie sent me a PR email ...

But I'm afraid I can't use it. I mean, it's totally obscene.

Katie, love, this is a finance blog, yeah? Get a grip!

'Who's this Katie, boss?' The PR woman, Voice. I don't know if she works for them or not. 'Works for who?' The dirty ones. 'What dirty ones?!' The people, the firm ... who are the selling ... the things. 'What things?!' I would rather not talk about it.

Let's move on.

She did say I could have an interview though. 'With her?' Yeah, I think so. 'Christ!' What? 'Is it this email?' Er .. yeah. Don't read it out. 'Ha! No wonder you don't want it on your blog.' 

Anyway ...

'But you could have an interview with her.'

Shut up, Voice. Please.

Anyway ... I have a few other PR emails. None of them are all that great, to be honest with you, kook(s). Where the hell is Detlef?! 'He's on holiday.'

Well ... I can talk about music, I suppose.

My Zoom H5 Handy recorder is great. I recorded two pretty good versions of This World Don't Mean a Thing and Mighty Soul earlier. 

Starting Monday, I'm going to put some serious hours into rehearsing. I'm a much better performer than I used to be, BUT(!) ... I'm still not satisfied, you dig?

Anyway, I'm not discussing music anymore.

What else, today?

I've lost a pound in weight.

I've had a haircut.

I'm still thinking about that email. You know, she reckons 45 percent do it ... I don't know if she's talking about women or ... and 34 percent, uh ...

'Just email her back!'


No, don't be ridiculous.

I want to forget the whole thing.