Thursday, 26 April 2012

Garth Peterson is guilty

And he'll probably have to go to prison. He crossed the line. Not once, but twice. So he should get about five years. Garth Peterson was a managing director at Morgan Stanley. He ran the bank's global real estate practice in Shanghai, or so they say. He bribed a Chinese official and made millions. But he's not a financial shaman. There's no need for us to worry.

Of course, if he were a shaman, the gang and I would try to spring him. 'What gang?!' Other shamans, man. We look after our own. I remember Jack Pickles. 'You were Jack Pickles.' Exactly. So I would remember, wouldn't I? 'Don't go back to the old ways, Mikey.' Who are you? The ghost of blog posts past?


That's enough of that. I don't want to encourage the voices. That really would be going back to the old ways.

I'll do one of my big conceptual posts later. There's no harm in it, is there? You only live once.

I’ll have to fit Lovejoy in as well. Fucking brilliant programme, that is.

I got my strings. You know, the ones with the ultra-thin nanoweb coating. I'm not going to put them on yet. I'll wait until I'm ready to record.

I like these relaxed posts. There's no pressure. A bit like Picasso's late period. He didn't give a shit at the end because he knew no one could touch him.

The pressure will be on later with my newfangled conceptual literature. God knows what I'm going to write about. I mean, He really knows.