Monday, 16 April 2012

Is Todd Meister a hedge fund manager or is he not?

I've been trying to find out, but I still don't have any idea. There's a fair chance that Todd Meister is a fantasist. There are a lot of them about, you know. 'Yes, I know.' Oh, I'm glad you're paying attention.

Did Pride Rock Management ever exist outside of young Todd's imagination? Is there any way this "hedge fund" of his could have managed over $2 billion? (A lot of money for a teenager, eh?) I don't know. I just don't know what to believe. There are cruel people around - you could think of them as being "characters", if you wanted to - who claim Todd is nothing but a rich kid living off his parents. I hope that's not true because I hate rich kids. / Well, as I say, I don't know. Maybe Todd's story will be made into a film. Have you seen Risky Business with Tom Cruise, dear reader? That's a good film.


A sunny day, but cold. / This isn't the post I wanted to write this morning. I can't do my conceptual stuff all the time though. So ... you understand, don't you?

I, er ... laters.