Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Searchlight Capital Partners is doing all right, I suppose

Compared to poor Mr Bojangles, I mean. Nothing to complain about, like. Oh, it's doing better than all right. Searchlight Capital Partners has just closed its first fund with $860 million all piled up high to the sky. If this were cash on the ground, and all around, they would be rolling in it, I'm sure, Erol and the gang.

We're talking Erol Uzumeri, Oliver Haarmann, and Eric Zinterhofer. They're serious men. These guys ain't nothing like Mr Bojangles. And we're talking complex situations. It's not a simple matter of dancing for investors.

God knows how they got the money in! I'm in awe of Erol, Olly, and Eric.

'We can't dance for toffee. But we're not sad. We have the ability to invest across the capital structure in both equity and debt. We seek to invest in attractive companies across a wide range of industries and are comfortable investing in complex situations. Our objective is to work in partnership with company management by providing patient, long-term capital as well as the strategic and operational support to enhance value creation for all stakeholders.'

Jesus! Way out of Mr Bojangles' league! These guys aren't messing about. I take my hat off to Erol, Olly, and Eric.

Genuine success? It's not all down to ability, you know. What is anyone's ability worth? Mr Bojangles is a pretty fine dancer. He still ain't got a pot to piss in. You've got to have something to sell that's really valuable.