Wednesday, 18 April 2012

George Assaly has got his Alcova Asset Management thing going on

Great news! Another ex-Goldman shaman has decided to set up on his own. This one is called George Assaly - if you can believe that, I know I can - and his quantitative hedge fund is called Alcova Asset Management. But you know all this already. Being on the ball like you are, you've read the title of the post. Is there much point in my continuing with it? 'Oh, don’t give up, Mikey. Try to be more positive.' Thank you. I'll try to be more positive.

The truth is, I'm just not satisfied no more with these simple posts that fail to capture the complexity of the situation, man. Do you know what I mean? They don't get all the chaos. They just get a bit of it. They don't get all the despair. Just a taste of it, the despair, you know? They don't get the insanity. The sheer fucking insanity. Are you with me? Can you dig this shit? 'Well, what are you going to do, Mikey? Tell the children!' I don't know. I really don't know. I might just cut loose into my conceptual hell and be done with it. Lost to the world! I'll be gone. No one will ever find me. Lost to the world, and lost in words. Of course, it would be easier if I had those songs finished and a publishing deal for them. That's got to be the priority. Then I could blog at my leisure, at a slower pace. And being lost here wouldn't matter then because I would be "found" somewhere else. Do you understand? 'Yeah, you're nuts.' I'm not nuts!